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Design Updates

Interested in a design update? You can find all the information for that commission type here on this page!

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What is a Design Update?

Think of it as a mystery makeover! Basically, you show me a design that you have, and I combine some information you give me with my own artistic license to surprise you with something new.
This is intended for character designs that are in need of some refreshing, and that you don't have anything too specific in mind for.

How is a Design Update different from a Custom?

Design updates lean heavily on the original design, and are more focused on tweaking and polishing it to make something new but still clearly connected to the original. Custom designs, on the other hand, are focused on building a brand new design from the ground up. If your idea results in a completely different design or you have a very specific, focused vision, this commission type is not a good fit.

[You can see more of my design work here!]

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to send me a message.

Rules + details

A note on closed species

Submitting your information

Please read the information carefully. Slots open in limited quantities on regular commission posts.
If I feel your requests are too specific, I may decline the commission.

This does NOT come with a work in progress stage. You will receive the design fully finished. This works best if you like my design sense and are open to being surprised!

Clients fill out the following form. Keywords, personality/images, keeps, and don'ts are all optional.

Design: [link to existing design]
Keywords/images: [up to 3 total]
Personality: [a few words or a sentence]
Keeps: [anything that absolutely must stay the same on the design]
Dont's: [anything you absolutely don't want on the new design]
Other: [any extra notes? specific requests here are not guaranteed]

Here's an example form as it would be used to create the character above.

Design: https://file.toyhou.se/watermarks/1044470_UbWl4msFa.png?1461693907
Keywords/images: mage, iridescent, fluffy
Personality: kind and composed, with a warm heart to fend off the bitter cold.
Keeps: must have a mane, must keep star markings on face and big horns
Dont's: no large areas of red, no glasses
Other: could you make him anthro?

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