Prim and proper, this docile specimen seems quite concerned with its appearance, often studying itself in any available reflection. The bulbous eye has a dazzling effect but requires constant care in the form of eye drops and cleaning, as it lacks eyelids. Its tears are extremely toxic; rude staff must wear gloves.
This specimen is extremely tolerant of technician handling (or perhaps just resigned to its situation as it goes completely limp). However, given the opportunity, it will repeatedly smack its head against any suitably hard surface. The replacement steel head is critical to cranium structure, so please ensure it stays attached.
This otherworldly project was developed in part using the ▮▮▮▮ teleportation lab's old equipment. Unfortunately its ethereal qualities make it impossible to contain, and staff are encouraged to try new capture methods regularly. PPE (Psychic Protection Equipment) is recommended to prevent any emotional spiraling in its presence.
Also known as 'Koziol's Dew', this sample is a glossy, sticky substance that was scraped from the leftovers of the teleportation accident in ▮▮▮▮'s lab. Although staff disagree on whether it counts as part of Dr. Koziol, ingestion trials have proceeded anyway, and the sample is reported as tasting "shockingly bad". It seems to quell the emotions of the consumer, leading to a relaxed, almost stupefied state.

Use this sample to guard against Psychic passive damage.
An unreported and seemingly fatal accident in Lab D-6 left this psychically volatile entity in its wake. Under no circumstances are any staff to inform Dr. Julia's family of her disappearance, the existence of this specimen, or the resem- blance of its mask to her facial features. Also, please clean the litterbox regularly.
The venom from the fangs of this specimen is potent enough to kill an adult human in approximately 30 seconds once it enters the bloodstream. Thankfully its mouth is too pitifully small to successfully bite anyone, and it has not been observed to spit. Still, handle with care when checking out for home use.


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