Twenty Twenty Four

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Summer is upon me! It has been for a little while I suppose, but it's sinking in. I'd describe myself as a 'summer person'; I've lived in several climates, but a good hot summer with a fan in the window makes me happy in a way few other things can.

Putting dates on my website updates has been a fascinating choice of confidence on the part of past me. Last update over a year ago... whew. Admittedly it's been a very busy year, and I lose track of time like nobody's business.... What even happened? A lot. Most recently and perhaps most anticipatedly, I got married to the love of my life, with a handful of family and friends and my best friend as the officiant. So, that's excellent news if I may be so bold. We got a cat as well, a small and mostly gentle creature whose bizarrely thick coat sheds like my own personal nightmare.

Not the most glamorous picture, but rather the most indicative.

But looky here, we're in a new style of journal, aren't we? I'm a bit tired today, so what a relief to have a standardized format to fall back on when I don't feel like going all-out with customization. Although I am still not big on mobile friendliness, I'd like for the 'journal' portion of my website to be more of an in-between of the upper and lower levels of my site, so that anything I put here isn't completely buried. So, this change reflects that. It's a static page rather than a dynamic database of blog entries because I'm a complete amateur, but you get the idea, and it's not exactly hard to work with.... once I have more entries to be classified, I'll probably add in clickable sorting-function to the tags, to make things easier to find. Maybe by then I'll be able to actually rebuild the whole thing as an actual database thing, too? ;) <--far too optimistic

I actually got this setup finished back in November of last year, and some potential blog posts written up even before then. But, I'll admit, I get a little.... paranoid? Stir-crazy, maybe? I have a policy I try to follow--no new commissions until I've finished the previous batch (excluding any-time types, of course). It's a good system and I recommend it to anyone who takes on comms. But, it gets a little shaky when my brain starts adding that qualifier onto other parts of my life--can't post this personal art to toyhouse until those comms are done, better to hold the received commissions too, can't be updating your website since they're not done, better not seem like I'm around being idle, better not socialize or appear to live.... This is, of course, wildly unreasonable, and can't be expected of any human being. But a confluence of factors & experiences leads me to these deranged fears and suddenly I've been radio silent for six months since the new comms are always coming in.... um, oops?

But the best way to break those sorts of patterns is to... well, do it?! So it's time to dust off that list I made ages ago of post ideas and get to work. I've added an unnecessarily long post about personal organization that I wrote in April of 2023 and just--never posted. Huh! And I've got another post complete, with more ideas on the way.... And I've been thinking of redoing the themeing/organization of the Portal as well, although I do like it as it is too. Much to think about.

In the mean time, I've been sifting through old wips to find things to polish up and sell, or just finish for fun. Here's an old ARPG entry from ages ago that still lingers in the bottom of my wip folder; I doubt I'll ever finish it, but it's just too cute to give up on....

That's it for now, I suppose. I have to, well, go work on commissions! But in a fun healthy way or whatever. Go sit outside and enjoy your current season this evening on my behalf, okay? :P

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